Consulting Services

If you would like to work with Anne, please contact her at 703-350-2706, by email, or by using the contact form at the page bottom. Anne will contact you within 24 hours of receipt of your message to have a preliminary consultation (at no cost to you) and to explain how to enter into a formal consulting agreement.

Anne will work with each client to determine what services she can provide that will be of greatest benefit. Some clients may need many hours of Anne’s time, while others may need only an hour or two of Anne’s help with a specific part of their law school applications (e.g., personal statement, resume, character & fitness disclosures, etc.).

Pricing for Consulting Services

Billing for Anne’s consulting services is at the rate of $250 per hour, and clients are required to commit to three hours of service initially and pay for those three hours up front ($750). If more time is needed, clients are billed periodically.

There are clients who require only a few hours of time, while there are others who require 15-25 hours. Although many admissions consultants charge a flat, “package” rate, Anne believe that clients are better served with hourly billing and, in most cases, pay less than they would in a flat fee arrangement.

Time for which Anne bills includes time communicating with clients – in person; on the phone; via email; or via Skype. Anne also bills for time spent reviewing drafts (resumes, personal statements, other optional statements, etc.).